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We’ve received a few questions recently regarding changing a course title name within the cloud.  There are some authoring tools that generate generalized course names (i.e. E-Learning Course) which causes confusion if you have multiple courses from the same authoring tool.  There are a few ways to update this:

Option One – A course name can be updated in the SCORM Cloud.

  • You can go to your library
  • Choose the course you would like to edit
  • Select 'edit' next to the title to update


Option Two – Update the imsmanifest.xml file:

  • Take your published content package
  • Open the zip file
  • Open the imsmanifest file and edit the title tag and save


If you go with option two, there are two things to be aware of: 

  • If the content hasn’t been uploaded into the SCORM Cloud than you can import the content zip file as per usual.
  • If it’s already in the Cloud than we have some (more) options:
    • If the course is live, you’ll want to use the “Create New Version” option as outlined in this article:
    • If you’re still testing the course, you’ll want to use the “Overwrite” option.  You can find out more about that here.
    • Something to note, if you use the overwrite option on a live course you have the potential to reset registrations.  You’ll receive the below message asking you to confirm that you want to do this.  You’ll have to select the box and upload the file again.


Note, if you’re using one of our SCORM Cloud mods, there’s a chance that the change will not be communicated due to the mod storing the title locally.  If you have questions about a particular mod, contact us at .

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