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Versioning is best used when you want to make an updates, such as fix a typo or add more information, to a “live” course that already has registrations associated with it.  You can also use versioning if you want to be able to seamlessly track multiple updates to a single course.

To create a new version of your course, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your SCORM Cloud account at
  2. Choose the course you want to version from your Library
  3. Click ‘Choose File’ under Create New Version


  4. Choose your file for the new version of your course and click ‘Open

  5. Choose when to move existing registrations to the latest version from the drop-down menu and click 'Save'. It's important to note that any progress against the previous version will be lost if moving existing registrations to the new version. 


Setting Behavior
Never keep existing registrations on the old version (the default)
When Not Complete if a registration is marked incomplete (or unknown)
When Completed if a registration is marked complete
When Failed if a registration is marked complete and failed
When Passed if a registration is marked complete and passed
Always always move to the latest version

NOTE: If you do not want to lose that progress, select the "Never" option. With the "Never" selection, existing registrations will continue to access the old version and new registrations will see the new version. 

*If you only need to switch out specific assets, with no structural changes to the course, you can look into updating your course via FTP.  Details here.

*Please note, you're not able to revert to a previous version of a course. You'll need to re-import that previous version of the course and version it again.

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