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What’s a super-tester, you ask? A super-tester is someone who uses SCORM Cloud primarily for the functionality of of testing courses. They need an environment to test their courses thoroughly and a way to easily spot errors with their courses. (Errors show up in the debug log, by the way.) Super-testers could be testing lots of different things: cross-browser capability, the content itself, or tweaking how the learner views the course with course properties.

What sets these users apart is that they rarely have “live” learners taking their courses. They quickly max out their registrations, either by sending invitations to their development team or by creating multiple test users. The question we receive most often from this unique group is how to manage their registrations without losing the ability to test their content to their heart’s content. The answer for those super-testers who are quickly running through registrations is overwriting.

Overwriting courses is perfect for super-testers who are testing the same course, making changes to that course, and then re-starting the testing process. Deleting and re-uploading a course can create tons of registrations quickly, inching you ever closer to your limit. Overwriting your course replaces your old course with a new one and as long as you overwrite the course manifest files, all registration data associated with the old course will be reset. Super-testers no longer have to worry about reaching their limit before they have completed their testing. Once you are done testing your course, we recommend you create a new Realm to serve as your "production" realm. This will help keep everything separate and also give you a clean slate. 

We accept the following files for overwriting a course:

  • SCORM Manifest (imsmanifest.xml) – re-import course, reset registration
  • Course Package – full or partial (ex: – re-import course and reset registration if imsmanifest.xml has changed, update existing course files
  • Individual Assets (ex: intro.html) – saves individual file to course root, overwrite if exists

How- to Overwrite your course

  1. Log in to
  2. Choose the course you want to Overwrite from your Library
  3. Click ‘Choose File’ underneath Overwrite Course Files


  4. Choose the file you want to overwrite the existing course with and click ‘Open

  5. Your course will upload and will overwrite the previous course.

Ta-da!! You may now resume your regularly scheduled testing.

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