Content Controller: Adding Content to an Account


To edit an account, navigate to the Accounts section of the application, and follow these steps:

  1. Select the account you wish to edit.


  2. The Account Details will appear. Click on the Content tab, and then click Add.


  3. The Add Content dialog will appear.


    Available actions:

    Screen_Shot_2017-11-01_at_9.45.19_AM.png Move all items from the Available list to the Selected list
    Screen_Shot_2017-11-01_at_9.45.27_AM.png Move the selected items in the Available list to the Selected list
    Screen_Shot_2017-11-01_at_9.45.35_AM.png Move the selected items in the Selected list to the Available list
    Screen_Shot_2017-11-01_at_9.45.50_AM.png Clear all selections and reset the form

    To select content:

    1. Filter the Available Content list by searching (if necessary).
    2. Select items in the Available Content list by clicking on them.


      - Click a course one time to select it; click it again to deselect it.
      - Select multiple courses in a row by clicking the first one, holding down the shift key, and clicking the last one.

    3. Click the right arrow to move the selected items to the Selected Content list.
    4. Repeat these steps as needed to build up your Selected Content list.


  4. Once the Selected Content list contains the desired content, click Next.

  5. (License by Course Accounts Only) Select a license to attach, and click Next.


    See Attaching a License for more information about the options available here.

  6. Add any Notes you would like for the content (optional), and click Next.


  7. A summary will appear.  If everything looks correct, click Add Content.


    Note: Adding a large bundles or a large number of courses or equivalents may take a few minutes.  You will see a progress bar that is updated as the process completes.  The process will continue in the background if you close your browser.

  8. The Content list will refresh and populate the newly added content.

If you have any questions, please send a message to

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