Content Controller: Add an Account


To add an Account, follow these steps:

  1. In the Account section of the application, click Add in the top right corner of your screen

  2. In the Create Account window that appears, enter a Name, select a License Type, and if you would like, enter some Notes about the account.


    License types:

    • Unlimited - Unlimited access to all content shared with the account.  You'll need to deactivate the account or its content to restrict access to shared content.

    • Limit By Content - Apply a unique license to each shared item.

    • Limit By Account - Apply a license that applies to all shared content.

    If you select Limit By Content or Limit By Account you will see an option for Limits Disable Access.


    If checked, this will prevent an account from launching shared content once its license limits have been reached.

  3. (Limit By Account only) Select a license from the list of Available Licenses.


    If there is not already a license that suits your requirements, click Create License to create a new license template.

    Make License Active, if checked, will make this the active license, and all launches will apply towards the limits for this license.

    Effective Date is the date the license will begin counting usage (if it is active).

    Note: A license must be Active AND Effective to begin counting usage.

  4. (Limit by Content or Limit By Account only) Check Enable license alerts to receive a daily digest email when the account's licenses are approaching or have exceeded their limits.


    To remove a subscriber, click the X to the right of the subscriber.

    To add a subscriber, click Add Subscriber, enter a valid email address, and click Save.


  5. You will see a confirmation page.  Click Save to finish adding the account.


  6. The Account Details page will appear.  From here, you can view Usage information, License status(es), Notes, and License Alert details.

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