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License alert emails allow account managers to receive a daily digest email containing information about accounts that are nearing or have exceeded their license limits.

A license is considered to be ​approaching​ the limit when it is expiring within 90 days or has passed 75% of the license's duration (whichever is shorter) OR when its learner/registration count is at 90% of the limit.  It is considered to be exceeded once the expiration date has passed or the learner/registration count is at 100% of the limit.

There are two different types of license alert emails.

The first type is the daily digest.  This email is sent once per day, and it will contain a list of accounts that are approaching or have exceeded their limit for which that email address is subscribed.  If there are no accounts matching that criteria, then the email will not be sent.

The second happens when a license limit is ​fast approaching​.  That means the license has reached 95% of its learner/registration count, but it has never appeared in a daily digest email as approaching its limit.  This is meant to catch the case where a license is fine one day, but a new course is launched with a large number of learners before the next email is sent.

Here is an example daily digest email:



In this example

  • "ACME Co" has a license type of Limit By Account, and it has been assigned a license called "30 day trial".  The Expiration Date has passed, so this license is marked as Exceeded.

  • "Buy n Large" has a license type of Limit By Content, and it has 1,673 pieces of content with licenses that have been Exceeded.  Instead of showing all of those licenses in this email, a summary is displayed.

  • To view more information about the accounts referenced in the digest email, click View this account in Content Controller.  You will need a user name and password, and then you will be directed to the Account And Licensing Details page.

To enable license alert emails, make sure your account license type is set to Limit by Account or Limit by Content, then add at least 1 email address to the subscriber list.

For more information on changing license types or adding subscribers, see Editing An Account.

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