SCORM Cloud Release - 07/05/2022


Features / Changes

  • SCORM Cloud Website domain changed to
    • All website traffic will be redirected to the new domain
    • Cloud's API services will remain at (so there's no need to update your API integration)
    • For more information about the website domain change please read our previous post here
  • Removed terms and conditions checkbox on the public invitation landing page

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to upload a course with a blank course ID or one with special characters
    • Valid course IDs can only contain letters, digits, dots, dashes, and underscores and cannot be an empty string
  • Improved error messaging when creating a registration with first name, last name, or email fields that surpass the maximum character count
    • Surpassing the character limit for these fields when creating a registration will now return a 400 status response with an error message informing the client of the limit
  • Improved error handling of improperly formed settings list when attempting to set Application, Course or Registration level configurations
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