"You Are Not Authenticated To Access This Content. Reason:{"Code":403,"Type":"Unknown","Message":"FORBIDDEN"}"


In March of 2020, we rolled out a new "Cookie-less" Launch Authorization type, Content Vault. You can read more about that here

There may be instances, where just changing the launch authorization isn't enough. You may have clients run into an error citing:

"You Are Not Authenticated To Access This Content. Reason {"Code":403,"Type":"Unknown","Message":"FORBIDDEN"}"

This error can be alleviated by updating
ipAddress validation flag

Updating this value through the User Interface

1. Click the Dispatch tab


2. Click Destinations


3. Click the Destination you wish to update


4. Click Edit


5. Uncheck "Enable IP address validation for this destination?"


Updating this value through the API

You'll set "LaunchAuthIpAddress": false in the `LaunchAuthOptions` in your setDestination API call.

You can also set this at the Application, Course, or Registration level if not using Dispatch. Details in our documentation here.

If you have any questions, you can send a message to

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