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We're often asked about content authoring best practices. While we don't create content here, we see A LOT of it everyday. 

Browsers - For the most part, as long as you have a modern browser, our software will not care what browser the learner uses. That being said, your content may. For example, Chrome recently has gotten fussier with how it deals with Flash. If you ever come upon issues with a learner not being able to see your Flash content, have them follow these instructions:

Click Chrome --> Preferences --> Advanced --> Content Settings --> Flash --> Make sure that "Allow Sites to Run Flash" is enabled and "Ask First" is disabled.

Another thing to consider is that if your content uses HTML5, older browsers may not be able to run that content. Really anything prior to IE 9 (which only has a half implementation of html5) will have a bad time.

Also note that Flash EOL is 2020 as announced by Adobe here.

Exit Buttons - Giving the learner a clear exit will help in situations where the wrong window gets closed first. Scenarios where the player window is shut prior to the course window or the course and player window shut at the same time can result in a race condition that may cause the runtime communication to get lost in the shuffle.

Bookmarking - If you have content that may be a bit longer in nature, you will definitely want to make sure your content bookmarks We have seen learners getting pretty salty when taking their OSHA 10 hour training and half way through they leave, then re-enter and have to start from the beginning.

Frameset/Frameset vs. Frameset/New Window - While both options work well, if you are launching in frameset/frameset, you definitely want the course to have an exit button...if you close a frameset/frameset launched course by closing your browser, you would be in danger of losing runtime data as you are closing the player and content at the same time.

Conversely, while we still want you to have an exit button, if you launch the SCO in a new window, you do have less of a chance of that race condition that may come up when you launch frameset/frameset and close abruptly.

Lastly, have your content authors lean on the tutorials and support provided by your authoring tools. We have seen some things, but can only offer high level guidance for specific tools. We don't really create content here, the authoring tool support folks deal with their application every day.

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