Launch History Error Messages

Question: What do these messages "No Launch Data Recorded" and "Launch Did Not End Cleanly" in the Launch History mean?


"No Launch Data Recorded" - This error is usually indicative of some type of communication failure or problem once the course launched. This could be something like a firewall intermittently blocking communication. We're not receiving any communication from the course. The course may play along fine with the learner unaware that there's an issue.

"Launch Did Not End Cleanly" - This means the course abruptly closed. Either by hard closing the player window, which some courses don't like Or the learner may have an intermittent internet connection. This can cause a "race time condition" wherein the course is attempting to roll up course status but doesn't complete it in time. Therefore, we may not show the correct status of a learner.

Some things that can help with these issues are:

  • Learner has a consistent internet connection
  • The course has a built-in exit button
  • Client browser doesn't have third-party toolbars installed as these can block communication

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