Can I send an invitation reminder?

Question: Hi I have sent bulk email for course to users and I would like to follow up and remind those who have not completed their courses. Is this possible?

Answer: We don't offer a way to send reminders through SCORM Cloud. However, you can resend an invitation. To do that:

1 - Navigate to the bulk invitation you sent (you can find this via the History tab or the course page under the Invitation header)
2 - Click Reportage
3 - Select "All Registrations" under Other Reports at the bottom left
4 - Identify the learners that have not completed the course
5 - Go back to the bulk invitation
6 - Click "Show Recipients"
7 - Click "resend" to resend the invitation (you will not incur another registration)

Getting Started: Reporting

Resending an Invitation

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