How can I customize the look of the SCORM Cloud player?



We realize that not everyone loves blue and Clouds as much as we do, so we've made it possible for you to put your own mark on the SCORM Cloud player. You could paint it red, use Comic Sans as your font (but why?!), add a logo- you get the idea.  Customizing the look of the SCORM Cloud player is an option for those folks that are using the SCORM Cloud API or one of our integrations.


If you're using the API, check out our Property section in the documentation to see how to add your own CSS. Using WordPress? You can add your CSS to your SCORM Cloud settings right from the WordPress dashboard.

So what can it look like? Well- you can make the SCORM Cloud player look anyway you want it to, but we thought we'd give you an idea with the samples below.

Default SCORM Cloud Player



Customized SCORM Cloud Player (changed font type and size, removed images, change color)

Note that this is for demonstration only- we don't really think this is good design.



Have a cool CSS you have used with SCORM Cloud? If so, send us a screenshot- we'd love to show other examples!


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