Resending an Invitation


Recently, we’ve received a few questions regarding resending invitations.  If you ever need to resend a private invitation, you have a few options:

At the learner level

1) Select the learner via your People tab and find the course invitation you’d like to resend under “Invitations sent to this User”.


2) On the next page, click “Show Recipients” which is found next to “Recipients” and click “resend”.


At the course level

1) Navigate to the course via the Library tab, expand “Invitations for this Course” and select the invitation you’d like to resend:


2) See step 2 above

**If you attempt to send a learner an invitation to the same course, a modal will appear with an option to either send them a new invitation (which creates a new registration) OR resend the invitation (which will not create a new registration).


If you have any questions, please send a message to

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