Creating Bulk Invitations


Bulk invitations make it easy to send out an invitation to a large group of users. You can also use tags to help segment these users and send bulk invitations. For example, say you have 100 employees but they need to take different training. Fifty of those employees need to take your course How to use the Copier and fifty need to take your course on TPS Reports. Tagging these learners makes it easy to tell them apart once you get to the invitation stage.

The first step to bulk invitations is to import your learners. To see a more in-depth walkthrough, head over here

Once you have your learners imported and tagged, you can move on to inviting them to their respective courses.

  1. Go back to the People tab in SCORM Cloud and make sure show tags is selected. If it is, you will see Hide Tags.


  2. Using our above example, click on the Copier Training tag to show all of the users that should get invited to your “How to use the copier” course.


  3. Click “Invite All” and invite those users to your course.


  4. Select your course and decide whether to send a public or private invitation.


  5. Click “Create Invitation” and like magic, your learners will receive their invitation.

You can repeat this process as many times as you need to need. It all just depends on the number of tags you used and the number of learners.

*Please note, when using bulk invitations, you're not able to a de-activate invitation on a learner by learner basis.

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