Course import failed: zip file contained no courses


A few different things can cause this error.  The most common being:

1 – Not publishing as SCORM, AICC, or xAPI in your authoring tool.  If you’re unsure of whether your course is published to a certain standard, here are some files for you to look for.  These specific items need to be in the root of the package for each standard.

SCORM – imsmanifest.xml

AICC – A file that has the extension “.au.  For example “”.

xAPI – Technically anything can be xAPI, but most authoring tools will include a tincan.xml.


2 – Not “Publishing a Project for LMS” in your authoring tool.  You can find details on how to do this in Captivate, Storyline 1, Storyline 2, and Lectora.

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