Error launching AICC content in SCORM Cloud


If you run into errors when launching AICC content in SCORM Cloud, the first thing to confirm is that the course is pointing to the correct file in the file.  To confirm this:

 1) Unzip the package

 2) Locate the file and right click to open it. (*Please note: your computer may think this is an audio file so, select “open with” -> “other” -> choose a text editor.)

 3) Locate the “file name” field within the file.  In the example below, it's the third field.

 4) If hosting the content on another server, confirm that the server address is correct. 


If this is a standalone package, confirm that it’s pointing to the “index_lms.html” file in the course package.  This is usually set within the authoring tool but is sometimes overlooked.


5) Save the file

6) Select all the files within the folder and re-zip

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