Updating your course assets via FTP


I’m sure you all know that you can upload large courses into SCORM Cloud using FTP or FTPS. If you took the time to get your course into SCORM Cloud, we want you to be able to easily edit that course. We’ve recently added the ability for you to update individual course assets using FTP (*Updated March 1st, 2021: Please note that we don't currently support FileZilla). 

What this means is that instead of re-uploading your entire course to fix a typo, you can now just upload the course file with the change in it. Easy- peasy. 

Before you get started, you will need to:

1. Log in to your SCORM Cloud account 
2. Click the Apps tab
3. Choose (or create) your App and click “Show AppID” 
4. Write that AppId down (this is important!)
5. Click the Library tab
6. Choose the course you are making changes to and copy the CourseId from the URL for use later.


Now that you have that, you can: 

1. Open your FTP Client of choice - I’m using CyberDuck

2. Enter the SCORM Cloud FTP URL: into the Host space


3. Enter your SCORM Cloud username and password in their respective spaces


4. Choose your Realm from the Directory


5. Locate the AppID and the courseID you wrote down in the directory (If your course is in the default application, the AppID folder will be called SCORM Cloud.)


6. Click the Courses folder and navigate to the course you are updating files for (I updated the title of the Playing.html file in the Playing folder of the course)


7. Drop your updated course files into that course folder to overwrite the old ones.





Please note: If the course structure has changed thus changing the imsmanifest.xml file, progress will be reset.

Advanced: You can also overwrite all the files in the course package except for the imsmanifest.xml (or tincan.xml if you're using a xAPI course) to update the course and retain course progress. We highly recommend testing this method prior to actioning it on a live course.

That’s all there is to it. You will see that you've overwritten an asset in your course. If you have any questions or need some help, let us know.



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