Linking Realms in the SCORM Cloud

We recently added functionality to SCORM Cloud to support multiple realms under a single paid account plan.  What does this mean?  Realms are a way to organize the users, content, and applications you have running in the SCORM Cloud. Linking realms allows you the flexibility to maintain separate realms, while sharing plan coverage across realms- both storage space and registrations. And you can see registrations by realm to track usage in each. * Please note that you will need to be an Owner in both Realms in order to create the link.
1.  Choose the realm that you want to link.  
2.  Go to the "Account" tab on the left menu bar and select 'Edit Account' from the top menu. 
3.  Select the realm (on a paid plan) that you want to link to from the drop down menu. 
4.  You have now linked a realm to your paid realm. 
Feel free to contact us at with any questions!
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