Reset Learner Progress


You may run into a situation where you’ll need to reset progress for a learner.  Outlined below are three different ways to achieve this based on how you use SCORM Cloud.  Please note, once you reset progress, the old data is reset to its original un-launched state.

1) SCORM Cloud Console

Navigate to the “People” tab and search for the learner. 


Once you have found the learner, find the course you’d like to reset the progress for under the "Course Registrations" header, and select “View Detail”. 



On the next page you see an icon to “Reset Progress”.


You can also reach this page via the Registrations for this Course section of the course page > Click the "Detail" button.


2) Dispatch

In SCORM Cloud, navigate to the “Dispatch” tab and click Reports


If you have the Learner ID, you can search by that via the “Search By” drop down, select the user and reset the progress.


*If you don't have the Learner ID, you can search by course title, tag or destination name and export the csv file.  Find the leaner ID in column B of the csv file and enter that into the search field.


3) SCORM Cloud API

For v2 API, the call is deleteRegistrationProgress.

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