Bulk Importing Learners


Bulk imports makes it easy to add people to your SCORM Cloud account- whether you need to add 10 users or thousands. It's easy....

Start by clicking the “People” tab from your SCORM Cloud account.


Then click “Add Person”


Choose to  “import many learners”


Once you’re there, you’ll find the CSV template that you can use to get your bulk import set up. Note: there shouldn’t be a title row in your CSV- just get right to the data.

  • Column 1: Email address
  • Column 2: First name
  • Column 3: Last name
  • Column 4: Tags

Tags need to be separated by '|', and there isn’t a limit, so feel free to use as many as you need.  You can also use the “Additional tags” box to enter tags that apply to the entire group.

Upload your CSV file by clicking “Choose File” and you’re ready to invite your learners to your courses.


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