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Is it possible on your system for me to file each person I have sent the course to into a particular venue and town?


Ah, a good question.  We've generally tried to keep the mainline experience in SCORM Cloud really simple.  But, we also tucked a few things away in there for situations like these.  Whether you're using SCORM Cloud at or via our webservice APIs, you can make use of tags to compartmentalize your user, courses, or registrations.

In the case of users, you can access this by clicking on the `People' tab.  You'll see a list of the people you've added to your realm either directly or via invitations.  You can then search for a collection of users and select them via their checkbox.  Next step... click "add learner tags".  


These tags (which take effect after the learner has taken some training), allow you to run reports on subsets of learners.  


For details on tagging via the v2 API

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