Error: Unable to Acquire LMS API


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The first thing a course is going to do is ask the LMS for the SCORM API. A couple of things could happen...

  • The course gets the SCORM API, all is well.

  • The course doesn't get the SCORM API, and there could be a few of reasons why...

    • The course has a bad API search algorithm. In this case, you'll need republish the course....However, if other users aren't receiving the message, this isn't the issue.

    • There is a security issue on the client side blocking us from getting the API. Therefore, the client will need to whitelist the domain that is serving the content. For example, in the case of SCORM Cloud, this would be 

    • You can play with the launch behavior in the course properties section. For example:
      If it's: SCO Launch Type = New Window / Player Launch Type =  Frameset 
      Change it to: SCO Launch Type = Frameset / Player Launch Type =  Frameset
      Instructions here: Changing Course Properties

If you have any questions, please contact us at 

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