New SCORM Cloud Plans and Pricing - August 1st, 2023


SCORM Cloud plans and pricing tiers have been updated as of today, August 1st, 2023. Our pricing plans need to modernize to continue evolving SCORM Cloud and provide you with more relevant features and functionality.

All existing plans will see price increases and possible changes to registration allotments. Alongside those updates, we are introducing two new plans, the Tester and the Mega. 


Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 1.33.02 PM.png


The free trial will have updates to the content limits. Content storage limits for the free trial have increased from 100MB to 5GB with a 3 course limit. These work in tandem, so depending on how large your courses are, you may hit the storage limit before you hit the course limit. 

For our current customers on the Trial plan with more than 3 courses in your content library, fear not! We won’t ask you to delete courses to get under the course cap, but you won’t be able to upload any new courses until you reduce your content library. If you need more courses or storage, the Tester Plan is a good option to explore.

For our current customers on paid plans, any changes you make to your plan starting today will require you to select from one of the new, updated pricing options. Keep in mind there are new plans that might be to your benefit to switch. If no changes are made, we will automatically enroll your account to the new, corresponding pricing plan beginning November 1st, 2023


Learn all about these changes, new plans and timing here.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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