Dispatch import error due to CDATA tags


If you run into an issuing importing a Dispatch package in a third party LMS, the error may cite CDATA tags. The most common occurrence of this error has been with ORACLE based LMSs.


There's a quick fix for this:

1 - Export and unzip the Dispatch package

2 - Open the imsmanifest.xml file in a text editor

3 - In the imsmanifest.xml file of the exported Dispatch, remove the following CDATA tags. (I'd also do a `control+F` to find any other mentions of CDATA just in case):

If you had this...

<title><![CDATA[Course Title]]></title>

It would need to be:

<title>Course Title</title>

5 - Save the imsmanifest.xml file

6 - Select all the files in the Dispatch package and re-zip from the inside.

7 - You're done!


If you run into any issues, please send a message to

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