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Assistance with remediation loop and end screen

Hi! I'm trying to create a course that consists of a few info pages (containing videos) and a number of questions.

I've tried and been unable to add an end screen where you end up if all answers are correct. I've added a new item at the end that is supposed to prevent the course from closing when you click next on the final question, but I can't get it to go there. When you click next on the final question and have a wrong answer, it correctly goes back to it and lets you correct them, but when all answers are correct it always goes to the final question, instead of going to my end screen.

This is a pastebin of my imsmanifest.xml

Martin Ek

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Hello Martin, 

I created a ticket for this to see if we can help get you a path.

Thank you,


Joe Donnelly 1 vote
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