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How to update existing course without erasing user progress?

We have a course with about 60 users accessing it, and we need to update one of the quiz items in it. 

When reading the SCORM Cloud documentation, it states: "....If you've already published your course, you will want to check out the versioning option. Warning: both overwriting and versioning will reset any user progress for existing registrations."

Is this for real?  How on earth can we make a minor update without erasing the progress of 60+ students? 




Chris S

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Thank you for your patience...if you are replacing content files with no major structure changes (adding sco's, etc) should be able to just log in to the cloud FTP and drop your files directly to the course.

User Name: Your Cloud User Name
Password: Your Cloud Password

Once logged in, you can navigate to your APPID where the course lives, then jump into the courses folder for the course you are updating...

From there, find the files you want to update and drop the newer ones in there...

Ryan Donnelly
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