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Course Doesn't Work on Mobile Device embedded in iFrame / Only Works on Scorm Site

First off, we love the platform - awesome job, guys!

So, we have courses that contain video and such, and we embed them on our site for our members. Here is the thing: 

* The courses work wonderfully on mobile devices when we test them directly by visiting and launching the course - great! 

* When testing directly from our own member website, the courses only work on desktop browsers, not mobile (specifically iOS Safari for iPhone / iPad).


The iFrame source on our own site looks something like: 

<iframe src="" id="ctl00_body_launchFrame" style="border: none; height: 630px;"></iframe>


The error we are receiving is: 


Are there known issues with launching via iFrame on mobile?  Or should we handle this differently? 






Chris S

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