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Which Object and method is used to retrieve the Suspended Data in Rustici API(JAVA)


Problem-> Book Mark of course  is not working because of Suspend data is not storing in DB.

Version- Rustici 2011 version 1.

We have one Integration file, I believe there no implementation for persisting the suspended data in our local DB. Can you please provide the Class Name and method of Rustici API which is holding that information so that we can persist the suspended data.


What is the process is happening for storing the suspend data in SCORM Engine and as well as LMS system ?

Can you please provide the any link which is helpful. And please do provide the Class name and method which is having information on suspended data



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Hello Ankur, 

If it is published as SCORM, it likely has a javascript function that will allow you to get and set SCORM elements.  In order to store data in the LMS, you can use the course's setValue call to store data in cmi.suspend_data element.  Conversely, you can use the course's getValue function to grab the data that has already been stored in the suspend data bucket.

Once that data is in SCORM Engine, you can use the SCORMEngineManager to retrieve data from the registration object. Here is a great article about how to use the SCORMEngineManager to retrieve runtime data for reporting.

This all being said, is your course SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004?  I wonder if the issue isn't that it is not being stored, but if it is using too many characters in suspend data.  SCORM 1.2 has a pretty limited number of characters to work with, specifically 4096, so if the course goes over that amount _and_ it uses suspend data to bookmark, you may run into issues here.

The good news is that if this is the issue, we do have a package property in SCORM Engine that will allow you to increase the maximum suspend data.  You can manipulate that maximum suspend data size through either the package property editor in your SCORM Engine implementation, if you expose it, or by hitting the SCORMPackageProperties table directly and changing the value of the suspend_data_max_length to "64000" which is the maximum for SCORM 2004.  This will normally get you around this issue.

If this creates more questions, please feel free to create a ticket by emailing me directly at

Thank you,



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