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xAPI- Available Client Libraries

xAPI Client Libraries

We’ve put together some xAPI client libraries that make it easier for you to get started with the xAPI.

Across the open source software (OSS) community, especially in the GitHub world, projects like these are typically collaborations between the owner of the original repository and the community using it. We expect that for most code we release as OSS, the community will be active in helping to maintain, fix, and improve the codebases as they use them ( see the license here). In the case of GitHub, community changes are done via a “pull request” which we review and then merge into the existing code base.

In true OSS style, the community benefits from this.

We will, of course, make changes, modifications, and improvements as time allows and as customers request.

We want to make writing software in the xAPI world as easy as possible.

Here they are!


Want to see other Libraries?  Contact us to request new libraries, or to ask us about specific updates to the existing ones.

Tammy Rutherford

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