What can a "non-admin" do in Content Controller?


So, the "not an admin" role is interesting in that technically they are not  an "admin" but they do have "admin-like" tendencies.  

Non-Admins can not view any accounts they haven't been given access to, but can create their own accounts.  You do have the ability to give non-admins both "read only" and "read/write" access to accounts they didn't create if you wanted to give them the ability to manage those accounts.

Non-Admins can view all of the content in the global content pool that is not in a folder, so all content in the "root".  They can not view any content in a folder that they do not have access to.  Note, that this includes nested folders, so if you have a "Content" folder and a "Course" folder inside that folder and you give the non-admin access to Content, they will not by default have access to the Course folder as well...they will need to be granted access to all levels in the folder.  For more information about granting access to folders, check out this article in our user guide.

In the reporting area, they will have access to all reports that show an account or course they have access to.  Note that there are a couple of reports that will show Accounts they have no access to as if that is sensitive, be aware.

They have no access to the global Administration area.  Only Admins have access to this section.

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