Engine and Engine Dispatch


Released 2022-08-29


Bug Fixes

  • Prevent returning of db information in API error responses when certain types of errors occur
  • Fixes the issue where launch history is being duplicated for TinCan courses when UsePlayerForTinCanLaunches is 'true'
  • Prevents request logging code from logging an error when processing requests to the /registrations/withLaunchLink endpoint
  • Fixes bug where xAPI Statement Pipes break if dormant for more than 72 hours
  • Fix possible missing data when exiting media content by closing or navigating the browser


  • Adds a new setting, RedirectOnExitUrlAcceptedRegex, to validate RedirectOnExitUrl values passed as part of the launch url. Configure this to prevent unvalidated redirects with that launch parameter.
  • Added CORS headers to response from Logger.jsp/aspx when using the RemoteDeliverPageUrl setting
  • Prevent importing courses without a courseId (improved validation)
  • [Java Only] Updated AWS SDK version to 1.12.281 for CVE-2022-31159
  • [Java Only] Removed outdated servlet mapping that caused JBOSS deployment failure
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