Content Controller v3.3.102



  • Upgraded to Engine v21.1.17.380.
    • Improved registration handling when resetting progress while testing content.
    • Corrected the mobile view for dispatches.
  • Changed the default license expiration days to zero.
  • Content-Proxy now supports serving files from a local disk.
  • Equivalent preview launches go through Content Vault when Content Vault is enabled.

Bug fixes

  • Corrected the versioning behavior of cmi5 courses. Learners now move to the new version when the user chooses 'Reset Progress' while publishing the new course version.
  • Fixed the modified date in the Details Panel to match the list.
  • Fixed an error thrown when displaying inactive licenses for the Limit by Account report.
  • Corrected how the license status was determined within accounts. This creates a uniform status between the Account Details list and the Content list.
  • Fixed the learner report to display learners who took more than one course within an equivalent.


  • Upgraded Jetty version to address CVE-2022-2047.
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