Engine and Engine Dispatch


Released 2022-07-29


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes XML parsing error that can occur when UseDeltaRecordResultsPayload is enabled (the default) and launch history log entries are truncated due to size
  • Fix issue with tracking of completion percentage in YouTube courses
  • Fixes "Package Properties Migration" phase for pre-2015, row-copy upgrades
  • Fixed typo in duplicate course import error output
  • Disabled local caching of scormRegistrationId to prevent registration lookup error after resetting registration progress (only in a multi-server environment)
  • Fix issue recording interaction details from xAPI statements where the duration value uses a precision greater than two decimal places for fractional seconds
  • Fixes LTI 1.1 Basic Outcomes support for customers running Engine without a system database


  • [Java Only] Updated AWS SDK dependency in response to CVE-2022-31159


Dispatch Changes


  • Updates Driver version to 7.8.0
  • Adds a viewport meta tag to the page launched by dispatch stub packages so that content loaded in it will look correct on mobile devices
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