Hashing Specifics in Content Controller



You've chosen to anonymize data that comes from your Content Controller shares.  What does that mean?  Our hashing uses the SHA-256 hashing algorithm to hash any information in the learner's browser before it reaches Content Controller's servers. 

Our use of SHA-256 is fairly straightforward. There are three pieces of potential PII involved with standards based e-learning:

  • Learner's First Name
  • Learner's Last Name
  • Learner ID

Each of these pieces of information is retrieved from the launching LMS by the learner's browser, and then in the browser we apply an unsalted one-way SHA-256 hash on each field prior to submitting it in any payload to Content Controller. Since it is a one way hash and the hashing takes place in the learner's browser prior to sending the output to Content Controller, we have no way of deciphering the original values.

We have a diagram at the very bottom of the page linked below that should provide a good visual representation of where it takes place in the flow of dispatch.


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