Engine and Engine Dispatch


Released 2022-06-17


Bug Fixes

  • Fix "A fatal error has occurred" for isTracking=false launches when useDeltaRecordResultsPayload is enabled (the default)
  • Fix import of Media File (eg: PDF, Video) content so newly imported content will now write a title in the activity definition of statements properly (when one is provided)
  • Fix xAPI activity definition handling so it is possible to clean up incorrect activity definitions from content imported before this fix by sending an xAPI statement with the correct definition
  • Fix wrong (sometimes null) page # noted in PDF content statements
  • Fixed issue with LTI 1.3 launches when using encrypted externalConfiguration (uncommon)
  • Resolve intermittent issue updating LTI line item scores


  • Updated xAPI statement schema validation to allow some statements with interaction activities that are missing optional properties (previous validation was too strict).
    NOTE: Previously, the workaround for this strict validation was to change the xAPIValidations setting and remove the StatementSchemaValidationIncludingInteractions validation entry. Once you install this release, you can add that back in to benefit from validation of other schema properties.
  • Support ${TenantName} template token in the playerConfigurationUrl.json (tenantName is only allowed to contains alphanumeric, hyphen, or underscore characters for this replacement)
  • Updated the Chinese (zh-cn) concurrent launch error strings with clearer translations
  • Improved logging for LTI-related requests, and removed some unnecessary stack traces from INFO level log entries
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