Content Controller V3.3.87



  • Corrected the public API documentation to state that the endpoint /content/courses/{id}/{versionId}/active returns a 200.
  • To improve load times, a limit was set for the number of questions included in the learner report.
  • When the Launcher feature is disabled, effected dispatches will now respond with "Course Not Found".
  • Upgraded Tomcat to 9.0.63.

Bug fixes

  • Added special character handling to course titles for Launcher.
  • Fixed learner launch reports to filter out older interactions.


  • Fixed bug with access controls and protected against Excel Formula in report generation.
  • Upgraded Apache Tika to version 1.28.3 to address CVE-2022-30126 and CVE-2022-25169.
  • Set the version of Cryptacular to 1.2.5 to address CVE-2020-7226.
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