Engine and Engine Dispatch


Released 2022-05-31


Bug Fixes

  • Avoid possibility of a 406 Not Acceptable on LTI 1.3 line item score post by allowing any Accepts header and properly returning 204 No Content
  • Fix error with content connector courses when external cache is enabled
  • Performance improvements and fixes for internal and external caching
  • Avoid a WARNING when handling packages with metadata and external caching is enabled
  • [.NET Only] Corrected the v2.yaml file that is shipped with NET Engine for use by the Admin tool 'client' page (it was previously missing some endpoints)


  • New API endpoints for setting and deleting course configuration settings for all available course versions
  • Removes some too specific error messages for database connection issues in response to API calls
  • Additional cache configurability options
  • [Java Only] Updated gson version in client library to resolve CVE-2022-25647
  • [Java Only] Removed unused jackson-dataformat-yaml library
  • [Java Only] Updated dependencies for CVE-2021-28168
  • [.NET Only] Removed the Roslyn .NET compiler from the NET release distribution which was accidentally included earlier


Dispatch Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Browsers blocking cross-site tracking cookies (such as Safari's "Prevent cross-site tracking") will no longer cause a deep-linking failure in LTI 1.3
  • Allow UTF-8 special characters to exist in course names for LTI 1.3 deep-linking
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