Breaking Changes in Engine 22


Note: If you are upgrading from a version of Engine before 21.1, please see this Breaking Changes for 21.1 article. Everything in that article will apply as well.

Deprecation Notice

This is the second to last* release in which the following are supported:

  • Non-API integrations with Engine -- This means using a custom in-process integration class loaded by the LogicIntegrationClassName setting or calling public methods on Engine's internal libraries (e.g., using ScormEngineManager to import courses)
  • The ability to disable StoreRuntimeDataAsLob -- all registration details in the future will be stored as a LOB in the database, which will make running queries for reporting directly against Engine's tables impractical
  • .NET Framework 4.6.2 -- support for .NET Framework will be dropped in favor of .NET 7 (or 8, depending on when Engine releases)

You should evaluate your current usage of these deprecated features and start planning for how to migrate away from them before the next major Engine release.

* Engine 23 will still contain the above features. They will be removed in the first release in 2024.


Things Changed or Removed in Engine 22

Removed Support for the V1 API

All support for using the v1 API in Engine has been removed. This includes the ability to configure ApiPostbackDataModelVersion to 'v1'. With this upgrade, you will need to switch your API calls to using the v2 API enpdoints and postback format. Our support team can help you with that during the upgrade process.

Removed the 'Legacy' Player

Engine's 'Legacy' player has been removed. This old style player has not been the default since 2016.1 Engine. As part of this removal, the following settings have been removed:

  • UseModernPlayer
  • LegacyPlayerCustomizationScriptUrl
  • LegacyPlayerCustomizationStylesheetUrl
  • PlayerCourseStructureWidth -- the modern player is responsive to screen width, so it does not allow the setting of a hard-coded width for the course menu

Removed the SetCookieAndRedirect Page

This page was included in Engine as a workaround for some situations caused by Safari's Content Tracking Protection blocking authentication cookies set by the player (if hosted on CloudFront). With changes in Safari, this workaround is no longer effective, and our new Content Vault cookieless auth mechanism should be used instead for these situations.

Removed Support for Internet Explorer

All versions of Internet Explorer are unsupported (version 8 and below and all versions for Media Content were already not supported). 

Updated System Requirements

Engine now has the following updates to its system requirements for self-hosted customers:

  • MySQL 5.7 or above
  • MS SQL Server 2016 or above
  • PostgreSQL 11.18 or above
  • .NET Framework version 4.6.2 is the new minimum
  • .NET MySQL Connector 8.0.31 or above (versions below this will not work with the updated DBPlugin class in Engine)

Custom Integration Classes Must Inherit from BaseApiIntegration 

For non-API customers mentioned in the deprecation notice, you will need to have your custom integration class inherit from BaseApiIntegration instead of DefaultIntegration. This is necessary for some of the new features added in this version and to prepare for future removal. This should have little effect on the integration class.

Removed Settings

These other settings have been removed:

  • CompressRecordResultsPayload -- data sent from the SCORM player to Engine will always be compressed now (was the default in 21.1)
  • DataPersistenceRetrieveClassName
  • DataPersistencePersistClassName
  • DataPersistenceAssemblyName



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