Engine and Engine Dispatch


Released 2022-03-17


Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue for those with EnableExternalIdEncryption enabled which caused LTI 1.3 platform launches to fail OIDC authorization test


  • Minor UI improvements for video quality picker (video media courses)
  • Registration postbacks with ApiRollupRegistrationAuthType set to 'FORM' will no longer erroneously send a Basic Auth header in addition to including the credentials in the request body
  • AiccSessionPerLaunch setting can now be configured at the tenant level (was only allowed at the system level before)
  • Built-in plugins can now be disabled by listing them in the Plugins setting preceded with a hyphen "-" (i.e. "-ContentConnector.YouTube").


Dispatch Changes

Bug Fixes

  • cmi5 dispatch packages will now report interactions to the host LMS
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