Engine and Engine Dispatch


Released 2022-03-01


Bug Fixes

  • Fix xAPI error when default tenant disabled due to XapiPostProcessContextParameters being a tenant level setting
  • Minor bug fixes to the /finalize endpoint


  • Change to how the player configuration url is passed to the player page in order to prevent tampering.

    NOTE: if you are using RemoteDeliverPageUrl, you will need to update the /defaultui/player/playerConfigurationUrl.json file to have a reference to the full path to the /RusticiEngine/PlayerConfiguration.jsp/aspx page in your environment or launches will not work after this update. See more here in the docs.

  • Bump log4net version to 2.0.14 to address CVE-2018-1285
  • Adds two new settings CharsToNonRandomizeStatementId and IntervalInSecondsPerGroupingOfStatements which together determine how the guid used for statement ids Engine creates will be modified to improve clustering in database indexes (reduce fragmentation).
  • Updated Java client library dependencies to remove some CVEs noted there
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