Content Controller V3.2.116



  • Added public API endpoints for retrieving LTI share details.
  • Allowed RXD content in different folders to have the same name.
  • Expanded permissions granted by the allow attribute of the iframes used by RXD courses.
  • Added protection against bundles in the same folder having the same name.
  • Added a task in deployment to protect against new issue with the key used for MySQL packages:
  • Made various security improvements to the deployment playbooks, mostly targeting Red Hat/CentOS systems.
  • Improved error logging when dispatching as LTI 1.1

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with learner report when parentheses are used in interaction name.
  • Fixed bug with recording RXD course information to Content Controller when RXD API calls are used in quick succession.
  • Fixed bug that affected self-hosting customers who use env-novars.yml when deploying Content Controller.
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