Engine and Engine Dispatch


Released 202-01-21


Bug Fixes

  • Fix for 'url' media courses not setting completion
  • Fixes benign client-side error during certain media course exits
  • Fix issue with player height on mobile orientation change or window resize
  • Improves video player resizing
  • Fixes playback rate bug in VideoJS player


  • Added a /finalize API endpoint to allow for setting the final progress on a registration. This may be used, for example, to mark a cmi5 course, or an AU within a cmi5 course, as completed
  • Added an /abandon API endpoint to allow for abandoning any sessions that belong to a registration for cmi5 courses
  • [.NET Only] Update AWS SDK dependency versions
  • [Java Only] Improved LTI logging (of error responses)
  • Some additional cmi5 conformance improvements
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