Engine and Engine Dispatch


Released 2021-12-23


Bug Fixes

  • Fix cmi5 bug which would cause cmi5 data loss on Java and cmi5 to fail to run on .Net. NOTE: if you are on version,  you should update to this release if you are using cmi5 or media content.
  • Engine now returns a 200 (was 400) when a cmi5 fetch request reuses a one-time token, as required by the specification
  • [Java only] Bumped logback version to 1.2.8 to resolve low-severity potential vulnerability (LOGBACK-1591)


  • Credential IDs are now included in logs to help audit who/what executed API requests
  • Changed "Benign exception during TCAPI request" from INFO level to DEBUG level to reduce noise in the logs
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