Content Controller V3.2.102



  • Changed how Content Controller records xAPI interactions to now include interactions even if a result success is not provided on the statement.
  • Added support for a new, improved video player that offers the ability to skip forward and backward by set increments and alter the playback speed. The new player is turned off by default, but you may opt into it by reaching out to the Rustici team.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the registration history report that incorrectly excluded rows that were for the same learner ID and course.
  • Fixed a bug that caused relaunching bundled equivalents to create new registrations, rather than reusing the same registration. This didn't cause any learners to lose their progress, but created some unexpected results in certain reports.
  • Fixed a bug with using the datepicker to edit a license expiration date in Firefox.
  • Fixed bug that caused an error during deployment when using Red Hat 8 with MySQL 8.
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