SCORM Cloud WordPress Plug-in (v2.x)


What Is The SCORM Cloud WordPress Plug-in?

The SCORM Cloud WordPress Plug-in enables you to manage and deliver training from within WordPress. Harnessing the Rustici Engine powered SCORM Cloud training delivery service, this plugin adds the ability to import, launch, and track online courses to any WordPress installation.

  • Upload SCORM (all versions), AICC, cmi5, mp4 video, or PDF files to SCORM Cloud from within WordPress.
  • Embed training into posts and pages of your blog. Select whether all users or only logged in users can launch courseware.
  • Assign training to other WordPress users directly.
  • Include widgets on your blog for displaying a logged in user's training or displaying a catalog of available courses to launch.
  • View learner progress as well as overall reports of learner training, including aggregated reports based on course, blog post, and all training.

In addition to the functionality found in the SCORM Cloud For WordPress plugin, you will have the full power and functionality provided by the SCORM Cloud site which provides access to even more history information, account management, and extensive SCORM testing tools. A SCORM Cloud account is required to use the SCORM Cloud service features of the plugin; accounts are free for limited training usage but unlimited testing within the SCORM Cloud site.

Why We Updated

The WordPress plug-in uses the v1 API and this API is being deprecated in late 2022. The main purpose of the update is to use the v2 API going forward.

There were no other changes made to the plug-in other than the API communications and the UI elements that needed to be changed for v2 functionality. These changes are listed in the next section.

What Changed

Switching APIs required a little more effort since we have slightly changed a couple of things between the API versions around import and course configuration.

There are two main changes that affect the WordPress admins.

1.) Upload process has changed to uploading the course package to WordPress and then using a POST to upload/import that course package with the API asynchronously. The new code update checks the status frequently after upload and notifies the administrator on the content management page when the process is complete.

2.) Package Properties widget is removed. We no longer support this older pre-built properties editor and have changed the plug-in code to handle the top configuration items most people update. This limits the configuration somewhat, but we are able to add other configuration options to the plug-in as needed by the community. If we removed something you need, contact us at to let us know.

Other security changes include the requirement of SSL for API connections going forward. This can cause some CORS issues with some hosts like GoDaddy when they forward your hosted domain to a static IP address for the actual server as this appears as two different domains to the browser.

Future Plans

At some point in early 2022, we will begin to notify customers that the v1 API is in the final stages of support and after that point, the older version (v1.2.3) of the plug-in will cease to connect to SCORM Cloud.

How To Update

The latest version is currently under review by the WordPress plug-in team, but you can get the versions from our github repo here:

If you have an existing installation, you will need to change the API path from the v1 path to the new v2 one in your plug-in settings: Change to

Your existing AppId and Secret Key should remain the same with the new API.

Please let us know if you have any issues with updating at and we will try to help.

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