Engine and Engine Dispatch


Released 2021-07-28


Bug Fixes

  • [Java Only] Remove unused org.apache.neethi dependency, as it was unnecessarily pulling in woodstox-core-asl:4.4.1 which conflicted with a newer version explicitly included
  • Fix issue with media content paths when using `WebPathToContentRootHistory` to change root course paths
  • Querystring additions configured with `SupplementalQueryStringParametersForAllActivities` now work properly with cmi5 course launches


  • Minor change to the upgrade tool to ensure that it doesn't modify manually updated column definitions changed to accommodate UTF8 character sets
  • Allows 'embed' style Youtube urls to be used during import (eg. `<videoId>`)
  • Whitelists `hl`, `cc_lang_pref`, and `cc_load_policy` url parameters for Youtube imports, so that they are passed through to the player if included
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