Content Controller V3.0.294


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly showed the delete button when viewing active content.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause inconsistencies when configuring content through the automation API and the web app.
  • Fixed a bug that would incorrectly offer the "Configure" button for RXD courses that were in a bundle.
  • Fixed a bug that would include more courses that indicated when using the "Select all" checkbox to share content while searching within an account.


  • If you create multiple LTI 1.1 shares within the same account, they will now use the same consumer key and app secret. This should make it easier to integrate Content Controller into many LTI 1.1 platforms, as multiple LTI 1.1 shares can be imported as part of the same application within the platform. Pre-existing LTI 1.1 shares will continue to work and do not need to be updated.
  • Added tooltips to the license status icons in the License Management reports.
  • Added new automation API endpoints to manage license alert subscribers.
  • Added user count properties to the automation API's account model.
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