Engine and Engine Dispatch


Released 2020-10-08

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue when /contentConnectors/availableContent is called with no engineTenantName header specified
  • Fixes potential error when launching with PlayerLaunchType set to NEW_WINDOW (or one of its variants).


  • Returns an error if one attempts to import a 'youtube' or 'url' course through an import fetch request (as this is not an appropriate way to create courses of that type)
  • Adds ability to create a credential with the 'pens:collect' scope to authenticate PENS requests to Engine. This change will force PENS requests to include a credential of this type, unless PensShouldAcceptCommand is overridden in the integration layer (non-API integration).
  • Experimental ability to have expired token errors return a 403 status response rather than a 500. Must use setting X_Use403ResponseForExpiredTokens to enable this behavior. This will become the default behavior in a future major release.


Dispatch Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Destinations created with v1 of the API can be used for LTI 1.3


  • Add optional DispatchPollingBaseUrl setting to use with non-SCORM courses that poll Engine for status changes. This overrides the default usage of the DispatchBaseUrl setting for this scenario. Mainly useful for bypassing a CDN like Cloudfront for these types of requests (to save on costs).
  • Added HTML attributes to allow fullscreen videos inside of older dispatches (created before Engine 2018.1.x).
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