Engine and Engine Dispatch


Released 2020-11-11


NOTE: If you are currently using the ApiImportResultsPostBackUrl or ApiRollupRegistrationPostBackUrl to have Engine post information to your system, you should update to this release. There was a bug in 20.1.3 and above that was preventing Engine from properly recognizing and retrying failed requests to your configured endpoint.


Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug with webhooks not properly retrying on failure (ApiImportResultsPostBackUrl and ApiRollupRegistrationPostBackUrl). 
  • Fixes V2 API error thrown when querying registrations from the /registrations endpoint with both since and more parameters
  • Fixes bug with the default value for the ContentVaultAuthExpiry setting (it was too low)
  • Fixes MySQL upgrade issue in which certain foreign keys were not dropped properly due to table name casing
  • Fixes issue with video media file content where negative viewing ranges could be recorded in certain usage scenarios
  • Fixes rare LWS upgrade error that occurs if a WhenToRestartRegistration value is missing at the package level


  • Allow inclusion of additional metadata with referenceRequest imports through the 'mediaFileMetadata' property
  • Adds optional 'courseVersion' query parameter to the /withLaunchLink registrations resource
  • Populate xAPIActivityId property in import result's course schema (previously we left it empty for all courses)

Dispatch Changes


  • Dispatch and Destination Ids can be up to 50 characters (previous limit was 40)
  • Adds a DispatchPollingFailureAction configuration setting that allows some control of the user experience for Dispatch packages that require polling to determine status update (non-SCORM), when those status updates have failed for the pre-existing 30s time span. The default value will trigger an alert message after the first 30s of failures, and will continue polling but will not alert again.
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