Engine and Engine Dispatch


Released 2020-10-30

Bug Fixes

  • Fix deployment issue on .NET for the WebHookAuth plugin. Note: Anyone using this plugin will need to change the value listed in the Plugins setting to WebHookAuth instead of WebHookAuthPlugin.
  • Fixes bug with the new progress percentage tracking for cmi5 that was introduced in the previous 20.1.14 release.
  • YouTube videos that are 'live' will no longer cause an error when imported and launched. With this type of video, though, progress and completion status will not be recorded.


  • Adds a setting to return a 400 response instead of a 500 when RecordResults is non-exit on already exited launch. This can happen when a concurrent launch scenario occurs. This change in status can help reduce noise in monitoring software.
  • Imports of YouTube urls that contain the 't=' parameter to indicate a starting point in the video are now supported.

Dispatch Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that disabled the ability to fullscreen videos that are shared via LTI dispatch
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